SNS Natural Set Dipping Powder

Listed Price: $36.99

Natural set very natural. The strong, healthy nail you want when there’s no color required. (organically processed chemicals)…. Read more…

SNS Gel dipping powder (set of 4) Gel Base, Gel Top, Sealer Dry, EA Bond by SNS

SNS Gel Dipping Powder, Super shiny, flexible, last long until 2-3 weeks, Non-returnable item for Hygiene purposes, (The packaging might be changed due to manufacturer inventory)…


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SNS Dipping Powder Gel Base, Top, Sealer Dry, Ea Bond, Set of 4 (Packaging may vary)

Our SNS gel for nails are specially formulated for SNS dipping powder. There are eight different kinds of SNS dipping powder gel, and are fortified with calcium and vitamin E along with vitamin A, D3 …


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